P-type ATPases in other organisms
P-type ATPases present in a number of additional organisms

Accession number Organism ATPase type Specificitya Protein name Number in phylogenetic tree
Q07421 Ajellomyces capsulata 3A
PMA1 92
Q9R6X1 Anabaena sp. L-31 1A
KdpB -
Q92030 Anguilla anguilla 2C

P35316 Artemia franciscana 2A

P28774 Artemia franciscana 2C

P17326 Artemia franciscana 2C Na+/K+
P30336 Bacillus firmus 1B
CadA 25
O43134 Blastocladiella emersonii 2C
PAT1 -
P57709 Bos taurus 2A Ca2+ ATP2C1
Q29449 Bos taurus 4 PL ATP8A1 / ATPase II 14
Q59207 Bradyrhizobium japonicum 1B
FixI 53
P93067 Brassica oleracea 2B Ca2+ BCA1 119
P30714 Bufo marinus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
Q92036 Bufo marinus 2C H+/K+
O46674 Canis familiaris 2A

P50997 Canis familiaris 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
P50996 Canis familiaris 2C H+/K+ ATP4A (112)
Q9UVL6 Candida albicans 1B
CRP1 -
P28877 Candida albicans 3A
PMA1 84
P25489 Catostomus commersoni 2C

Q64392 Cavia porcellus 2C

O32328 Clostridium acetobutylicum 1A
KdpB -
P49015 Cricetulus griseus 1B
ATP7A (49)
Q95022 Cryptosporidium parvum 2A
CppA-E1 134
Q27766 Ctenocephalides felis 2C

O04956 Cyanidium caldarium 3A

O13397 Debaryomyces occidentalis 2D
ENA1 -
O13398 Debaryomyces occidentalis 2D
ENA2 -
P54678 Dictyostelium discoideum 2B
PAT1 128
Q95024 b Dictyostelium discoideum 2C
IonA 97
P54679 Dictyostelium discoideum 3A

O76154 Dugesia japonica 2C

P54210 Dunaliella acidophila 3A H+ DHA1 62
P54209 Dunaliella bioculata 2A
CA1 137
P54211 Dunaliella bioculata 3A
PMA1 63
O74202 Emericella nidulans 3A
PmaA -
Q27642 c Entamoeba histolytica 2B

Q9Y088 Entamoeba histolytica 4

P05425 Enterococcus hirae 1B Cu+ CopB 36
P32113 Enterococcus hirae 1B Cu+ CopA 56
P18907 Equus caballus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
Q00779 Felis silvestris catus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A2 / SERCA2 (141)
O74242 Filobasidiella neoformans 3A

P13585 Gallus gallus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A1 / SERCA1 (144)
Q03669 Gallus gallus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A2 / SERCA2 (141)
Q9YGL9 Gallus gallus 2A

P09572 Gallus gallus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
P24797 Gallus gallus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A2 / NaKalpha2 (109)
P24798 Gallus gallus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A3 / NaKalpha3 (106)
Q9RQB4 Helicobacter felis 1B
CadA -
O32619 Helicobacter felis 1B
CopA -
O96696 Heliothis virescens 2A

Q9SXK5 Heterosigma akashiwo 2C

D26472 Heterosigma akashiwo 3A

P35317 Hydra vulgaris 2C Na+/K+
O22613 Kosteletzkya virginica 3A
KVATP1 (66)
O74296 Kluyveromyces lactis 2A
KlPMR1 -
P49380 Kluyveromyces lactis 3A
PMA1 85
O61136 Leishmania donovani 2D
CA1 -
P12522 Leishmania donovani 3A
ATPase1b 81
P11718 Leishmania donovani 3A
ATPase1A (81)
O61137 Leishmania donovani 4
O09489 Leishmania mexicana amazonensis 2A

O97198 Leishmania major 3A
L2385.6 -
Q60048 Listeria monocytogenes 1B Cd2+ CadA 24
P77881 Listeria monocytogenes 1B Cu+ CtpA 47
Q42883 Lycopersicon esculentum 2A
LCA1 150
P22180 Lycopersicon esculentum 3A
LHA1 (78)
Q9SPD5 Lycopersicon esculentum 3A
LHA2 (66)
Q96578 Lycopersicon esculentum 3A
LHA (67)
P70083 Makaira nigricans 2A
Q9M4N4 Medicago truncatula 3A
ha1 -
P93265 Mesembryanthemum crystallinum 3A
PMA 73
Q64430 Mus musculus 1B Cu+ ATP7A / MNK (49)
Q64446 Mus musculus 1B
ATP7B / WND (51)
Q64517 Mus musculus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A3 / SERCA3 (141)
O55143 Mus musculus 2A
ATP2A2 / SERCA2 (141)
Q9R0K7 Mus musculus 2B
ATP2B2 / PMCA2 (126)
Q9WV28 / Q9WV27 j Mus musculus 2C
ATP1A4 (110)
Q64436 Mus musculus 2C H+/K+
P70704 Mus musculus 4 PL ATP8A1 / ATPase II (14)
P98199 g Mus musculus 4
ATP8B2 -
O70228 Mus musculus 4
P98195 Mus musculus 4
O54827 Mus musculus 4
ATP10C -
P98197 Mus musculus 4
ATP11A -
P98200 Mus musculus 4

Q9QZW0 g Mus musculus 4

P07038 Neurospora crassa 3A H+ PMA1 91
Q08435 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A
PMA1 (78)
Q42932 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A H+ PMA2 78
Q08436 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A
PMA3 (78)
Q03194 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A
PMA4 67
Q9SWH2 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A
PMA6 -
Q9SWH1 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A
PMA8 -
Q9SWH0 Nicotiana plumbaginifolia 3A
PMA9 -
P58165 Oreochromis mossambicus 2B Ca2+ ATP2B2 -
P04191 Oryctolagus cuniculus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A1 / SERCA1 (144)
P20647 Oryctolagus cuniculus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A2 / SERCA2 (141)
Q00804 Oryctolagus cuniculus 2B Ca2+ ATP2B1 / PMCA1 (124)
P27112 Oryctolagus cuniculus 2C H+/K+ ATP4A (112)
Q9TV53 Oryctolagus cuniculus 2C

Q9XT50 Ovis aries 1B
P04074 Ovis aries 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
O04938 Oryza sativa 2A
OsCa-atpase 151
Q9LIV9 k Oryza sativa 2A

AC027658 e Oryza sativa 2B

Q43001 Oryza sativa 3A
OSA1 77
Q43002 Oryza sativa 3A
OSA2 75
AC027659 e Oryza sativa 4

Q9SDF3 Oryza sativa 4

O76974 Paramecium tetraurelia 2A
Q9N9D8 Paramecium tetraurelia 2A
Q27829 Paramecium tetraurelia 2B

O96039 Patinopecten yessoensis 2A

- h
Q43106 Phaseolus vulgaris 3A
BHA1 79
O94195 Pichia angusta 3A

O77070 Placopecten magellanicus 2A

- h
Q27724 Plasmodium falciparum 2A
PfATPase4 / PFYA357.?? 135
Q08853 Plasmodium falciparum 2A
MAL1P1.?? 148
Q27720 Plasmodium falciparum 4
PfATPase2 / PFYAC1122.?? 12
O77368 Plasmodium falciparum 4
MAL3P6.27 (PFC0840w) -
AC004688 e Plasmodium falciparum 4
PFYAC69.?? -
Q04956 i Plasmodium falciparum 5
PfATPase1 4
Q27764 Plasmodium yoelii 2A
YEL6 149
Q9XXW1 Plasmodium yoelii 5
PyATP3 -
Q92446 Pneumocystis carinii 3A
PCA1 88
Q9M460 Prunus persica 3A PPA1
Q9M461 Prunus persica 3A PPA2
Q59688 Proteus mirabilis 1B

O33448 Proteus mirabilis 1B
PpaA -
O17314 Procambarus clarkii 2A
Q92105 Rana esculenta 2A Ca2+
P70705 Rattus norvegicus 1B Cu+ ATP7A / MNK (49)
Q64535 Rattus norvegicus 1B Cu+ ATP7B 50
Q64566 Rattus norvegicus 2A
ATP2C1 132
Q64578 Rattus norvegicus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A1 144
P11507 Rattus norvegicus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A2 / SERCA2 (141)
P18596 Rattus norvegicus 2A Ca2+ ATP2A3 / SERCA3 145
P11505 Rattus norvegicus 2B Ca2+ ATP2B1 / PMCA1 (124)
P11506 Rattus norvegicus 2B Ca2+ ATP2B2 / PMCA2 (126)
Q64568 Rattus norvegicus 2B Ca2+ ATP2B3 / PMCA3 (125)
Q64542 Rattus norvegicus 2B
ATP2B4 / PMCA4 122
P06685 Rattus norvegicus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
P06686 Rattus norvegicus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A2 / NaKalpha2 (109)
P06687 Rattus norvegicus 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A3 / NaKalpha3 (106)
Q64541 Rattus norvegicus 2C
ATP1A4 / NaKalpha4 110
P54708 Rattus norvegicus 2C H+/K+ ATP12A / ATP1AL1 116
P09626 Rattus norvegicus 2C H+/K+ ATP4A (112)
O33533 Rhizobium leguminosarum 1B
FixI -
Q9X5V3 Rhizobium leguminosarum 1B
ActP -
P18398 Rhizobium meliloti 1B
FixI 54
Q9X5X3 Rhizobium meliloti 1B
ActP -
O30733 Rhodobacter capsulatus 1B
CcoI -
O68082 Rhodobacter capsulatus 1B

Q9ZHC7 Salmonella typhimurium
plasmid pMG101
SilP -
P22036 Salmonella typhimurium 3B Mg2+ MgtB 58
P36640 Salmonella typhimurium 3B Mg2+ MgtA 60
Q27779 Schistosoma mansoni 2A
SMA1 140
O96527 Schistosoma mansoni 2A
SMA2 -
Q43178 Solanum tuberosum 3A
PHA2 66
Q43182 Solanum tuberosum 3A
PHA1 (78)
Q9XBA9 Staphylococcus aureus 1A
KdpB -
P37386 Staphylococcus aureus 1B
CadD 26
P20021 Staphylococcus aureus 1B Cd2+ / Zn2+ CadA (26)
Q9X8Z9 Streptomyces coelicolor 1A
SCH35.07 -
Q9ZBF3 Streptomyces coelicolor 1B
SC9B5.27 -
Q9RJ01 Streptomyces coelicolor 1B
SCJ1.13 -
Q9Z4W5 Streptomyces coelicolor -
SCE8.09 -
P11607 Sus scrofa 2A Ca2+ ATP2A2 / SERCA2 (141)
P23220 Sus scrofa 2B Ca2+ ATP2B1 / PMCA1 (124)
P05024 Sus scrofa 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
P19156 Sus scrofa 2C H+/K+ ATP4A (112)
P37385 Synechococcus PCC7942 1B Cu+ SynA 37
P37279 Synechococcus PCC7942 1B Cu+ PacS 46
P37278 Synechococcus PCC7942 2A
PacL 154
Q95050 Tetrahymena thermophila 5
TPA9 7
P05025 Torpedo californica 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 105
Q95060 Trichomonas vaginalis 2A
TVCA1 136
P35315 Trypanosoma brucei 2A
TBA1 139
O96608 Trypanosoma cruzi 2A

O60948 Trypanosoma cruzi 2B

O15637 Trypanosoma cruzi 3A
TCH3 -
O14437 Uromyces fabae 3A
Uf-PMA1 -
Q43131 Vicia faba 3A

Q9SAW3 Vicia faba 3A
VHA2 (66)
Q92123 Xenopus laevis 2C Na+/K+ ATP1A1 / NaKalpha1 (104)
Q92126 Xenopus laevis 2C H+/K+
O43108 Yarrowia lipolytica 2A
PMR1 / SCA1 -
Q43271 Zea mays 3A
MHA2 72
Q43243 Zea mays 3A
MHA1 76
Q43275 Zostera marina 3A
ZHA1 71
P78981 Zygosaccharomyces rouxii 2D
Z-ENA1 95
P24545 Zygosaccharomyces rouxii 3A H+
Q59370 Unknown d 1B
Hra2 55
Q59369 Unknown d 1B
Hra1 57

a The ion specificity of the P-type ATPases is shown, when it has been experimentally shown. PL: phospholipids.
b Both termini are missing. Sequence alignments with other type IIC ATPases indicate that the sequence is probably 30-45 amino acids longer.
c The N-terminus is missing. Sequence alignments with other type IIB ATPases indicate that the sequence is probably 80-130 amino acids longer.
d The sequences were found in a human cDNA library. They were suggested to originate from E. coli, but could not be identified in the genome.
e No protein sequence has been provided with the genomic DNA data.
g The protein sequece is only partial.
h The type IIA sequences from Patinopecten yessoensis and Placopecten magellanicus are 96% identical.
i An alignment of type V P-type ATPases indicates that the protein is truncated in both ends.
j The two sequences together constitute a full length P-type ATPase.
k A large part of the protein is missing from the suggested CDS.

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